Apart’hotel “Le Champ d’Eysson” Montauroux – France

Article 1: Bookings:

The reservation becomes confirmed when a double of the rental contract is returned, signed and the deposit of 30% of the price of the stay has been paid.

In case of a not cancellable and not refundable booking, the booking becomes confirmed when the deposit of 100% of the total stay amount has been paid.

Article 2: Rental:

The rental takes effect and terminates: on the day of arrival from 4pm – on the day of departure before 11am. Upon check-in, the customer agrees to pay the full balance of his stay. The customer must arrive on the day mentioned on the booking confirmation. In case of impossibility or cancellation, he must notify the reception by phone / email or mail. In the event of a late arrival or last minute impediment, the customer must notify directly the provider whose address and telephone are indicated on the booking confirmation or call us at +33 (0) or +33 (0) . In low & medium season the property is closed on Wednesdays afternoon & Sundays . (Please contact us before your arrival if you plan to arrive on those days).

Article 3: Cancellation:

Any cancellation must be notified to the service by registered by email or mail. For any cancellation by the customer, the sum due by the latter, will be the following: In any case will be retained the sum of 20 euros for booking fees except booking with free cancellation.

Cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the stay = Half of the deposit, ie 15% of the total stay will be due.
Cancellation from D-30 to D21 day before the beginning of the stay = 30% of the amount of the stay, ie the total of the deposit will be retained.
Cancellation from the 21st to the 8th day before the beginning of the stay = 50% of the stay will be due.
Cancellation from D-8 to D-1 = 100% of the stay will be due. In case of non-presentation of the client on the day of arrival, no refund will be made.
Article 3.1: Interruption of stay:

In case of interruption of the stay by the customer, no refund will be made for any reason.

Article 4: Amendments:

The lease agreement is drawn up and concluded for a specific number of persons. Should this number be exceeded, the service reserves the right to modify or terminate the contract.

Article 5: Rates:

The applicable rate is set out in the contract or attached thereto. The price includes the provision of the fully equipped apartment, an outdoor parking and residence facilities (except the tennis court)

Article 6: Toursit stay tax:

By decree of the extract from the register of deliberations of the municipal council of the commune of Montauroux, it was decided:

The introduction of the tourist tax.
To fix the period for the collection of this tax for the calendar year 1 January to 31 December
To fix the scale of this tax at 1.65 € per day and per person (from 18 years old) for  3* category of the hotels and apart’hotels of the municipality.
Article 7: Inventory:

An inventory will be made beforehand by the service provider or his representative before the arrival. It is left to the tenant to ensure that everything is in order.
At your departure, at the dates and times stipulated in the contract, the apartment will be checked, in your presence.

For tenants per week (only):

Return the inventory to the reception, at the latest the day after your arrival.
Article 7.1: Deposit:
-For any renters from 1 night-

A deposit will be required (200 € Studio & 1-bedroom apartments) (300 € for the 2-bedroom apartments). The amount indicated on the contract must be paid upon delivery of the inventory. At your departure, at the dates and times stipulated (article 2 of I.R.) the apartment will be subject to a check in your presence. The deposit will be refunded, minus any cleaning costs (if any), missing or damaged items.

Article 8: Housekeeping & Cleaning:

You take possession of a clean and tidy apartment. During your stay the maintenance is at your expense. If you wish, a cleaning service can be placed at your disposal from Monday to Saturday: (21 € / Hour), Sunday: (29 € / hour). In this case, please inform the reception.
The cleanliness check will be carried out the day of your departure. The final cleaning is at your charge, we reserve the right to charge a flat rate of 40 € / Studio, 60 € / T2, & 80 € T3, in case the accommodation is left in a state of negligence.

(Paying the household allowance does not dispense with a minimum of civility and respect for cleaning staff.)

At your charge in all cases of stay including overnight stay:

Kitchen: you are allowed to use it if you do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher (all dishes must be returned to their washed and wiped place)

Waste bins emptied (the containers are at the end of the parking lot).

Article 9: Security:

As a security measure the parking is closed at night. An access code is issued to the customer upon arrival. In case of emergency, the code can be changed at any time.
The access code is confidential, and only concerns the customer holding a rental contract. In no cases it can be communicated to persons outside the residence.

Article 10: Children Games:

Facilities are available to children in an enclosed park, under the careful protection of parents. These facilities are reserved exclusively for children under 10 years of age.

Ball games & badminton are not allowed in the car park but are allowed on the reserved areas.
The trampoline must be used in accordance with the posted regulations. If not, the establishment rejects any responsability.

The pedestrian walkways are forbidden to the circulation of the bicycles, to the game of rackets, of pétanque, etc …
Use the facilities provided (lawns allowed behind the mounds / south side of the residence).

The management of the residence declines all responsibility in the event of an accident when those rules are not respected.

Article 10.1: Swimming pool:

Access to the swimming pool is free. For hygiene reasons, the shoes must be placed outside. The passage in the pediluvium and the shower are obligatory before going inside the pool. The enclosure of the swimming pool is a place of relaxation and rest, also, for the well-being of everyone, please respect the following prohibitions:

Are forbidden :

Excessive noise.
Dogs and animals in general.
Incorrect outfits & full naturism (wearing a jersey or underpants mandatory)
Unsupervised children.
Packaging and drinks whose packaging is made of glass.
Meals, snack and picnic by the pool.
Alcoholic beverages.
Radio cassette – Music in general (unless it is listened to by means of headphones or headphones)
The large beach accessories (style buoy wheel tractor, air mattress, etc …)
The wearing of city shoes.
Very fat solar oils (incompatible with the standard disinfectant products necessary for the hygiene of a basin receiving from the public).
Mobile phones only in silent mode and must do not disturb anybody.
Smoking is allowed only in the smoking area reserved for this purpose, indicated by sign. Are allowed:
Children’s plastic sandals (used only at the pool).
Small beach accessories used for swimming training (small buoy around the chest, armbands, small board, small mousse french fries).
The “soft” balloon game is tolerated when there are few people at the pool and that it is moderate & does not cause screams or disturbance to people who sit and read.

Swimming pool is open:
From 08:00 to 21:00 non stop
Closed: from 15 October to 15 May (depending on the weather)

Article 10.2: Tennis & table tennis (ping-pong):
at. The tennis court is open to all, the guests of the residence remaining priority.
Reservation is required.
The wearing of sneakers is compulsory.

Access to the tennis court is forbidden to the animals. The fixed price of the hour is:

7 € for 2 players
50 € for 1 subscription of 10h
Split at 1/2 hour is accepted: 4 €
B. The game of ping-pong is free. The mobilization of the table can not exceed 1 hour.
Snowshoes and balls can be picked up and brought back to reception, during opening hours EXCLUSIVELY.

It is recalled that beyond 22 hours the noise is prohibited.

Article 11: Guests:

As a safety measure, each tenant receiving guests, is requested to report this to the reception. In case of overload, the management reserves the right to refuse access to any guest and not reported.

Access to the swimming pool is forbidden to any person who has not signed a valid rental agreement with the management of the establishment.

In order to avoid any inconvenience outside office hours, please kindly await your guests at the portal.

Article 12 Animals:

Only dogs and cats are allowed to stay with their owners.
These must be kept on a lead within the residence and do not cause nuisance to other tenants (barking, yelling, degradation etc…)

Two places reserved for their droppings are provided and indicated by signs. Terraces and pedestrian walkways must be properly respected. Each animal owner is subject to these obligations under penalty of imposing penalties that may lead to an early departure. The applicable rate per pet / per week (or per day for guests staying on a hotel basis) will be indicated on the contract at your booking. Mandatory vaccination card to be presented at reception.

Article 13: Green spaces and plantations:

In order to preserve the plantations, the children are asked not to hang from the trees, not to cross the lawns, and to step over the hedges. Pedestrian walkways are provided for this purpose. To allow everyone to enjoy the cleanliness and enjoyment of the garden, it is up to everyone to respect these guidelines for the protection of the environment. Garbage are distributed throughout the park, they must not under any circumstances be the object of garbage dumps. Large containers are installed at the end of the parking lot for this use.

Article 14: Lights & Barbecue:

By prefectural decree the fires and the use of the barbecue are forbidden from 15 March to 15 October. The gendarmerie, the fire brigade, as well as the canton’s fire safety services will take all sanctions against users who do not comply with these regulations.

Cost of the fine: 195 €.

Article 15: Use of water:

At the global level, awareness of environmental problems has prompted the implementation of water protection policies. It is about the future of future generations.
Water is a source of life and we are dependent on it (65% of the human body is made up of water).
Tap water is safe to drink. Water prefers the cold that protects a number of foods. Put water preferably in a carafe in the refrigerator before consuming it (storage should be done in clean containers).
Water is at risk, so by a few simple gestures you can contribute to the health of the water.

Reduce the dose of detergent to wash your dishes or tile (choose environmentally friendly detergents, they do not contain phosphates or bleaches). They will be just as clean and you will preserve the health of the rivers.
Respect the environment. Do not throw anything in the wild because the rubbish you give up will sooner or later be found in streams, rivers and lakes.
Do not use the water only by necessity, do not let the tap run for anything (eg a tap that runs during tooth brushing consumes 18 l of water).
Prefer a shower to a bath (5 times less water).
Washing the cars is prohibited at the residence (1 washing machine = 200l of water) use the stations provided for this purpose which have recovery tanks and recirculation of the water.
Prefer the watering of the garden at night so that the earth maintains a greater humidity = less watering.
Opt for recycled paper: preparing the dough requires less water and energy than conventional paper.
Do not forget: Small streams make great rivers. Your gesture, however banal it may be, will save a few drops of water. But millions of identical reflexes will prevent massive and detrimental waste. Thank you.

Article 16: Claim / Dispute:

Any complaint relating to a stay, must be addressed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the management of the residence, at the latest eight days after the end of the stay. Concerning the descriptive status or the state of the premises, can not be taken into consideration beyond the 3rd day of occupation. Any dispute concerning the application of the present general conditions will be the exclusive competence of the court of commerce of the chief place of the department in Draguignan.
Residence of Tourism Le Champ d’Eysson. 485, chemin chambarot. F- 83440 MONTAUROUX